moving deductions

Moving Tax Breaks

Moving addresses, whether it’s done on a temporary or permanent basis, can be a lot to handle for most instances. That’s primarily why Neo Movers is here. We know that your move is made for a reason, so we want to support you with this potentially life-changing act by giving you the smoothest and most […]

DIY moving

DIY Moving vs. Professional Movers

Mulling over hiring professional movers for your house move or just doing it yourself? This reminds me of the dilemma my live-in partner and I had just a couple of years ago. Before we get any further, let me just give you an idea that my boyfriend is the financially practical one while I’m good […]

Moving permit in Santa Monica

Moving Permits in Santa Monica

Are you moving to or from Santa Monica, CA? Great! If you reading this post I am sure that you have researched many local and nationwide moving companies in order to select the best service provider. But, unfortunately in addition to stress related to organizing, packing and moving your household, there is a major problem […]