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DIY Moving vs. Professional Movers

Mulling over hiring professional movers for your house move or just doing it yourself? This reminds me of the dilemma my live-in partner and I had just a couple of years ago. Before we get any further, let me just give you an idea that my boyfriend is the financially practical one while I’m good at organizing stuff. We started to share space together for only a year and a half and we don’t really consider ourselves the type of people who had the tendency to buy a lot of things or hoard stuff. But, man, did we end up with a load of stuff to pack.

We both didn’t have a lot of free time to spare, so I pitched the idea of hiring professional help for our move. My practical boyfriend counted automatically that it would be impractical and just a waste of money. He loves to think of himself as his father’s son – that he’s able to follow the footsteps of his ultra stingy father. I’m always guilty of spending money on unnecessary things, so I thought maybe he was right again this time. I mean, why bother pay someone else to do things that we can do ourselves? That’s what we both thought.

So, I had a month to slowly pack our belongings. I had to do it myself since I’m the more organized one and I can’t trust my boyfriend to keep things in order. I had a difficult time looking for boxes to use because we never kept any at home, unable to foresee the possibility of using them in the future when we had to move out. So, I ended up rummaging through some of our bigger bags, trolleys, and even asked for spare boxes from dear old friends. I remember when my girlfriends and I helped out another girlfriend as she was moving out. The move only confirmed that she’s the strongest contender for being the most unorganized friend ever. It was so difficult to help her pack because we didn’t know where her things were and they were all just rumbled together. In the end, I didn’t feel like we were able to help at all. So, the moving company she hired did everything necessary, although we still ended up so exhausted.

That experience was one of the reasons asking for my friends’ help to pack never entered my mind. We really weren’t able to help at all, but we ended up so exhausted and our friend paid for our taxi fare and dinner. But, I had to admit that our moving out date happened in one of my lazy months. I can’t recall why work was extra stressful then, but I came home so tired that all I wanted to do was sleep. When weekends did arrive, all I wanted to do was rest and skip chores. These all meant I had to take a day of absence from work when D-day finally came. I still had a lot of packing to finish and I felt like I never had a good night sleep at all with all my worrying.

I remember not having time for breakfast that day while I panicked over our time schedule. I had to finish packing all our belongings by the time the rented van arrives, but then I noticed that some of our furniture needed a good washing before they get packed up – we didn’t want to bring with us all the dust and dirt. I had to do all the washing, drying up, and packing all by myself that when my boyfriend finally called to inform me that he was on the way, I was already hot-tempered and irritable.

I was almost done with all the packing by the time my boyfriend arrived, but I was also tired and starving by then. We were renting on the fourth floor of the building and there was no elevator to use, so we thought of asking for help from one of our male friends. The original plan was me staying in the van to keep watch as the men went up and down for our stuff. I admit this would have been terribly challenging for them. It’s no joke, climbing up and down the four levels, even without a load to carry, so how much more when they’re already carrying the boxes. But, I was still stunned when my boyfriend came with a moving company instead of his friend. He said that his father himself was the one who hired the service upon hearing that we were moving out. He said he got a lecture from his father on the inefficiency of moving by ourselves.

  • We are inexperienced to move our belongings on our own. This only means that while we still have able bodies, we know nothing about the proper way to pack and move our items. If we insist on doing things on our own, we have no one else to blame when we damage some of our precious items. This is something we don’t have to worry about if we hired a professional moving service, since moving items is what they do and most of them have an insurance to cover any damage or accidents.
  • We may end up spending more without enlisting professional help. At the onset, we may be able to save a bit of money by moving by ourselves, but this doesn’t always end up the same way in the end. You may end up spending more because you may have to at least give something for your friend’s help or pay for the vehicle that you borrowed, for damaged items, for any minor accidents, etc. You’ll never know what may happen that will up the cost.
  • We’d have to exert a lot of physical effort. This one’s already a given. The choice of not wanting to spend money may mean being willing enough to do all the dirty work ourselves. Something’s always got to give. The downside to this is that our diligence and hard work is still not a guarantee that it will cover up our inexperience and ignorance when it comes to the proper procedures of protecting and moving our belongings.
  • We’d have to spend a lot of time for the move. No matter how perfectly we may have planned our move, some things may still come up from time to time that would intervene with our plans. In our case, I thought I would have been done with all the packing come our moving day, but I ended up taking a full day off from work, just to pack our stuff. By this time, I was already in a frenzy, starving, and ready to start a fight with anyone.

Because we already had professional movers to help us, my boyfriend and his friend were saved from the obstacle of going up and down the building carrying all our items. That’s well and good for them, but if only we hired the moving company sooner, then I wouldn’t have to go through the painful task of packing all our belongings as well!

So, if you find yourself in this same situation, it’s always better to choose hiring the help of professionals. Imagine what I felt when I realized that the moving company came with packing materials aside from their usual moving equipment. The staff had to re-do most of my packing as well because they found I packed them wrongly and unsafely. But, since they were experts, they were able to do this in just a short amount of time. This is the same thing that Neo Movers does for their customers. They make sure that everything is properly done to ensure the security of their belongings. Since they are also a licensed and insured moving company, complete with fully equipped trucks and everything you’d need in your house move, you can look forward to the smoothest and most secure moving experience possible.

Time is precious and you don’t need to fill it with stress and regrets. When it comes to moving your belongings, it’s better to err on the side of safety. So, just sit back and relax as you let the experts do what they’re good at.

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