Moving permit in Santa Monica

Moving Permits in Santa Monica

Are you moving to or from Santa Monica, CA? Great! If you reading this post I am sure that you have researched many local and nationwide moving companies in order to select the best service provider. But, unfortunately in addition to stress related to organizing, packing and moving your household, there is a major problem related to the parking availability in many areas of City of Santa Monica. Parking enforcement is very active and nimble in the area, and usually does not tolerate moving trucks double-parked on the street. Customers have two options in this case – you may just take the risk of parking without the permit, but at the same time agree to be liable for the parking citation payment, or go the official route and obtain the parking permit from the city. Below are the instructions on how to obtain the moving truck parking permits in city of Santa Monica.

Once you reserve your appointment with a Santa Monica moving company you will need to head to the City Hall Permit Center. Plan to visit it as soon as you reserve because you need to post the permits at least 24 hours prior to the moving date, and purchase them at least 48 hours prior to the move. Come to Permit Center well prepared:

  1. Make sure to know the moving truck approximate length including the open lift-gate or a ramp.
  2. If you are planning to use metered space, write down the meter numbers.
  3. Bring proof of residency, such as bank statement, rental agreement copy, or a current utility bill.

Note, that you cannot obtain a permit for handicapped and valet parking zones. Additionally if you are planning to reserve a parking spot in front of your neighbor house, their notification is required. You can find more information by visiting City of Santa Monica website.

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